Twins talk it Up Episode 24: Facial Communication

Twins talk it Up Episode 24: Facial Communication


In this episode, we are thrilled to spend some time with author, trainer and speaker Dan Hill. Dan is an expert on facial decoding, identifying and capturing emotions and is the President of Sensory Logic.

Dan tells others that he quantifies 'gut reactions' based on peoples' facial expressions. Actions speak louder than words and our body language, specifically our faces 'speak' the loudest. There are 23 expressions on the face that reveal 7 core emotions. Muscle movement in the face reflect interest level and this can help executives close more deals.

Through his trainings and his books entitled Emotionomics & Famous Faces Decoded, Dan shows how emotions can be hidden in plain sight on all of our faces. Facial coding is a tool to learning how emotions shape, reflect our personalities and drive behavior. They can also benefit professionals and organizations with uncovering opportunities by leveraging emotions for success in branding, product design, advertising, sales, customer satisfaction, leadership, and employee management.

Dan also shared about his latest work on a book entitled, The Devil's Dictionary, not be confused by Ambrose Bierce. He goes into other aspects of emotions through this book and will challenges readers to think and behave differently.

Take your own emotional temperature. Become self-aware. He also puts a charge to our listeners to take it to another level.

Learn more about Dan Hill and his work at



If you are looking to learn the art of audience engagement while listening for methods to conquer speaking anxiety, deliver persuasive presentations, and close more deals, then this is the podcast for you.

Twins Talk it Up is a podcast where identical twin brothers Danny Suk Brown and David Suk Brown discuss leadership communication strategies to support professionals who believe in the power of their own authentic voice. 

Together, we will explore tips and tools to increase both your influence and value.  Along the way, let’s crush some goals, deliver winning sales pitches, and enjoy some laughs.

Danny Suk Brown and David Suk Brown train on speaking and presentation skills.  They also share from their keynote entitled, “Identically Opposite: the Pursuit of Identity”.


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